About Us

Our story begins in the picturesque streets of Paris, the city of love and scents. Here, in the middle of romantic boulevards and old perfume factories, the foundations for our exquisite fragrances are created. In the renowned perfume houses, the finest fragrance oils are carefully distilled and composed from exquisite flowers, precious woods and exotic spices.

The fine fragrance oils are then brought to Austria, where they are further processed by experienced perfumers in a small but fine factory. There they merge with high-quality alcohol to complete the fragrance creations. Great emphasis is placed on the highest quality, and every step of production is carried out by hand to ensure the uniqueness of each individual fragrance.

Our philosophy is not to focus on quantity, but rather on quality. Production deliberately remains small in order to preserve creativity and attention to detail. This is the only way we can ensure that every scent that leaves our house embodies pure luxury.

With a proud proportion of 25% fragrance oil in each bottle, our fragrances offer a long-lasting and captivating scent effect. One drop is enough to create a magical aura and captivate the senses.

Our goal is to make the essence of luxury accessible to everyone, and therefore we make sure to offer fair prices. Because we believe that true beauty and luxury don't have to be unaffordable.

The combination of handmade production, exquisite fragrance oils from Paris and Austrian precision makes our fragrances an incomparable experience. Each bottle is a work of art in itself, filled with a story that you can experience with every breath.

And so people all over the world enjoy our fragrances, which not only promise an olfactory journey, but also capture a piece of the magical atmosphere of Paris and the careful craftsmanship of Austria. More than just a perfume - our creations are an experience that enchants the senses and touches the soul.